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Requirements For Application For A ZIMSEZA Certificate

Download ZIMSEZA application Form


To apply for a licence or permit in a Special Economic Zone you need to provide:

  1. Fully completed ZIMSEZA Application Form,
  2. Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration for the applicant’s company,
  3. Proof of finance of the project may be provided either by bank statements, confirmation letter from a bank, confirmed bank loans, other confirmed credit facilities and or equipment/ machinery,
  4. Brief resumes/ CVs for Shareholders and or Directors and copies of identification documents (national IDs for Zimbabweans and passports and visa/ resident permits for foreigners).
  5. Feasibility study report
  6. Business plan which includes master plan, strategic plan, marketing plan and engineering drawings
  7. An approved Environmental Impact Assessment Report (where applicable)

Other SECONDARY LICENCES which the authority will assist in obtaining

  1. Environmental Impact Report, approved by the Environmental Management Agency,
  2. Mining Licences and or Mineral Prospecting Licences Ministry of Mines),
  3. Tourism Licences (Hotels, safari hunting, Tour guides, Casinos, Restaurants, Night Clubs, permits from National Parks and Wildlife Management Zimbabwe Tourism Authority),
  4. Financial Institutions (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, insurance companies and brokers),
  5. Medical Projects approved from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare,
  6. Transport and Communications

Projects seeking to operate Haulage Trucks, Commuter Omnibuses or any form of Transport classified as Public transport shall require approval from Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development. Projects in telecommunication such as cellular companies, Internet service providers (ISPs), etc, require a telecommunication approval from Potraz. Projects in broadcasting should have approval of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

How to apply

Any investor or investment vehicle who wishes to apply to invest in a Special Economic Zone may apply online on www.zimseza.co.zw or submit their application physically at Robert House 6 Central Avenue Harare.

Who is eligible to apply

  • Landowners under title or leasehold - these may submit their own development master plans or may partner with the Authority to have their property designated as Special Economic Zones
  • Special Economic Zone Developers – investors with capacity to develop infrastructure and connectivity in line with the approved master plan by the Authority
  • Special Economic Zones Operators – real estate managers and administrators who will manage and administer the zone on behalf of the Authority
  • Special Economic Zones Users – these are all people and investors who wish to invest and conduct business in a designated Special Economic Zone area

5 day application approval process

Period for assessing applications to invest in Special Economic Zones. Once an application has been submitted to the Authority in its complete form it shall take the Authority a maximum of 5 days to process and issue a licence to the investor


Any landowner/investor/organization who wishes to have any portion of land in Zimbabwe declared as a Special Economic Zone must apply to the Authority online or visit our offices to submit an application to have their identified area designated as a special economic zone. Designation shall be based on comparative and competitive advantages assessment